Team Tactics

Force on Force Firearms Course

Cost: $250 per couple

10 am to 4 pm (6hrs)

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Course Description

A six hour course introducing students to basic concepts of team tactics, specifically those relevant to situations involving one or more armed citizens paired with armed or unarmed partners.


  • safe gun handling in a 360 degree environment
  • movement inside buildings
  • movement around vehicles
  • communication before, during and after a shooting incident
  • application of fundamentals to most likely civilian team tactics situations

Additional Information:

This course will be conducted using Simunition 9mm Glock Handgun, working indoors and around actual vehicles. Students enrolling with a partner will work with that partner for the majority of the course. Drills will address tactics for situations in which both partners are armed with handguns only, and one is armed and the other is unarmed.

Students are asked to wear long pants, long sleeve shirt, belt and closed toed shoes.