Scenario Based – Force on Force Firearms Training

Cost: $250 per person

Students must be interviewed by PSDS staff prior to signing up for any firearms course(s) in order to meet eligibility requirements.
To find out more about this program, please call now and schedule an appointment (561) 262-7840.

Upcoming Dates

Saturday, April 28, 2018

10 am to 4 pm

Program Overview

Learn maneuvers that are used by SWAT!

All Classes are offered in a comfortable small group setting by your instructor Sergeant John Riddle, Black Belt Magazine 2012 Instructor of the Year.

Sergeant Riddle, with over 30 years’ experience in Law Enforcement, Self Defense Training, and Firearms Instruction; provides this unique realistic training opportunity, using the same “State of the Art” non-lethal training ammunition as Law Enforcement and Military……You bring nothing but your willingness to learn.

Sergeant Riddle and his team of certified Safety Officers will provide everything you need to enjoy a safe, realistic, educational experience.

Knowledge Based Training
Students are placed in realistic stressful situations where the student must perceive, evaluate the situation, and formulate a plan.

Goals of Scenario Based Training 
-to provide training exercises that will elicit a learned skill which is reproducible under stress.
-practical, relevant, safe and legally defendable response(s).
According to Force Science Research in the first study of its kind, researchers have confirmed that force-on-force training is significantly superior to traditional firearms practice in at least three important ways:
1. Force-on-Force scenarios that enable “suspects” to shoot at students generally stimulate a stronger physiological stress reaction.
2. They expose how badly students’ shooting accurately is likely to suffer in an actual gunfight.
3. They more strongly motivate students to take training seriously and to adopt protective tactics on their own volition.
Program Overview
  • inside and outside safety tips for your home and/or office
  • hands-on-learning of how to clear a room and move through the 2000 sq foot fully decorated shoot house safely
  • simulation based scenarios for real life encounters with “bad guys”
  • shoot / don’t shoot scenarios: home / work / dorm room / public arena such as parking lots)
  • debrief review after all scenarios
  • small group setting
  • ammunition / simunition firearm / protective gear included
Simunition Ammunition
FX Marking Cartridges and Paint Ball both leave colored marks upon impact. But, the FX Marking Cartridge that we use is fired from a converted duty weapon using an operational magazine. Projectile is small and has a ballistic stability – traveling at a speed of 350 ft per second.
FX Cartridges Utilization
  • firearm familiarization
  • malfunctions / transition drills
  • magazine changes
  • instinctive fire
  • utilization of cover
  • off hand shooting