Chris Galas

I am originally from Massachusetts and relocated to South Florida in 2007. I currently work in Marketing and live with my wife and step daughter in Coral Springs.

I became interested in fitness in my mid-twenties and since then I have always been physically active. I started getting tired of the same old gym routine and wanted a new challenge. I did a search for self defense schools and I found Progressive Self Defense Systems. Since I had no prior self defense experience, walking through the door that first night was intimidating but after meeting John and Leigh I decided I would give it a shot. Since then, the school has become my second home. I have been with the school for about five years and it has been an amazing experience. I consider John and Leigh to be great instructors and the school has all the equipment and tools needed to learn and succeed.

John and Leigh have put forth a lot of time and effort into creating a good learning environment where both men and women at different skill levels can feel comfortable training in. I am proud to be part of this school and I look forward to many more years of training hard and studying under John and Leigh.

Training & Ceritificaitons

  • PSDS Assistant Instructor / Belt Green – December 2016
  • PSDS Jeet Kune Do Student – Level 1
  • Simunition Safety Officer
  • Trainer Instructor, Sabre Law Enforcement Aerosol Projectors
  • Stop the Bleed / Bleeding Control Basic 1.0 – Rescue Operations International
  • CPR / AED – First Aid Certified under American Heart Association

Fernando Cardenas

Born in San Diego, CA and moved to Fort Lauderdale, FL in 2001. Enlisted as an Infantry Rifleman in the United States Marine Corps in 2008. Deployed to Marjah, Afghanistan in February 2010, and served as a rifleman and IED Dog Handler. 2nd Deployment to Marjah, Afghanistan in June 2011, and served as an Infantry Team Leader. Graduated from Florida Atlantic University (FAU) with a double major in International Business and Trade, and Finance. Currently, works as a financial advisor with his wealth management team at Merrill Lynch in Delray Beach, Florida.

While in the Marine Corps, he became interested in close quarter combative in both room clearing and hand to hand combat. When he got out of the Marine Corps in 2012, it was already decided that he would to continue in at least one form of martial arts training. His first choice was Krav Maga, since it is quick, aggressive and to the point, which is how he met John Riddle. While training at PSDS he began training in Jeet Kune Do as well, which became part of his regular training. Martial Arts is a lifestyle and a part of who he is now.

Training & Certifications

  • PSDS Assistant Instructor / Belt Green – December 2016
  • Marine Corps:
    • School of Infantry East
    • Combat Lifesaver Course
    • IED Dog Handler Course
    • Basic Trauma Course
    • Team Small Unit Leaders Course
    • Green Belt in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program.
  • PSDS Jeet Kune Do 2012-present
  • PSDS Krav Maga 2012-present
  • Action Strength – Level 1 JKDAA Instructor
  • NRA Certified Basic Pistol Instructor
  • PSDS Expandable Baton and OC Spray Basic Level Instructor
  • Simunition Certified Safety Officer
  • Trainer Instructor, Sabre Law Enforcement Aerosol Projectors
  • Stop the Bleed / Bleeding Control Basic 1.0 – Rescue Operations International
  • CPR / AED – First Aid Certified under American Heart Association

Amos Eyal

Originally from Israel, lived in a few other countries, and finally relocated with the family to South Florida in 2002. Graduated a flight academy with a Bachelor’s degree in Aviation Management and Aeronautical Science in 2007, and earned an MBA in International business from Lynn University in 2009. Currently working in the real estate redevelopment industry.

Having lived a number of years in Israel, I had been brought up understanding the importance of awareness and the need to have contingency plans and means for self defense. However, not until making a temporary return to Israel between late 2013 and mid 2014, had it occurred to me that I don’t really possess many of the skills that I would need in order to protect myself and my loved ones should an unfortunate situation present itself. And so, after researching option in my area, I decided to join Progressive Self Defense Systems. I was intimidated by the environment at first, mostly because I had never done anything of the sort before. However, I came in with a goal and I knew that I had to follow through with it.

In addition to studying and training in Krav Maga and Combatives under John, I also take strength and fitness training classes with Leigh. The combination of the two has made me feel much more confident and stronger, both physically and mentally. I enjoy every moment I spend training with John, Leigh, and the rest of the team—PSDS has become my second family.

Training & Ceritificaitons

  • PSDS Assistant Instructor / Belt Green – December 2016
  • Stop the Bleed / Bleeding Control Basic 1.0 – Rescue Operations International
  • CPR / AED – First Aid Certified under American Heart Association  

Master Teresa Throckmorton

Master-Teresa-ThrockmortonMaster Teresa Throckmorton is the owner and Head Master Instructor of Central Park Taekwondo, located on Manhattan’s upper west side,  NYC. CPTKD opened its doors August 2011 with now 400 active students ranging from 2 years old to 70.  She has trained all levels of students including national level competitors with some setting their goals on achieving Olympic status.

Master Teresa is certified at many levels through the Kukkiwon, the world headquarters for Taekwondo in Seoul Korea, including 5th degree Black Belt and Master International Instructor.  She has been teaching for over 20 years and began her Taekwondo training in the early 1990’s.She has competed at the state and national level and won championships since 1996 and recently won the 2016 New York State Taekwondo Poomsae Championship.

Master Teresa is certified in Krav Maga level P-5 through Krav Maga Experts in NYC and holds certifications for teaching adults and children.She has been training with Mr. John Riddle at Progressive Self Defense Systems since January 2016 when she chose to make Florida a second home in addition to New York.

Master Teresa resides in New York City and Delray Beach, Florida with her husband Wayne and three children, Caden (14) 1st degree Black Belt, Jaron (12) 2nd degree Black Belt, and Dagan (8) 3rd degree Red Belt.