Women’s Empowerment Workshop – May 12, 2018


Women’s Empowerment Worksop

-how to respond both mentally and physically in a time of need;
-how and where attacks commonly take place;
-how to apply verbal and body language skills to help prevent an attack;
-how to safely & effectively defend against an attacker: strikes, elbows, knees, kicks;
-how to defend from worst case scenarios: such as -being choked, in a bear hug; on the ground, in a small close quarter environment (bedroom/office/car); in a parking lot;
-how to take techniques learned and apply them during hands-on training in various scenarios in our simulated training house.

Creating realism and adrenal response, self defense techniques will be practiced using full-contact against heavily padded attackers (trained role players). This type of learning helps to create “automatic” reactions.

Prepare yourself to be challenged both mentally and physically, to find your inner strength, and to walk away with a sense of empowerment!

**Open to all women of all levels and physical ability, who are over the age of 12.


Women’s Empowerment Workshop

Saturday, May 12, 2018

2:00 PM to 5:00 PM



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