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Handgun Skills: Room Clearing Tactics – March 31, 2018


In this course you will learn:

-Situational Awareness

-Defensive Mindset

-How to make your home undesirable to burglars and home invaders starting from the outside perimeter and working to the inside.

-How to enter and clear rooms and negotiate hallways.

-How to shoot on the move and use of cover.

-You will learn and be required to make decisions under stress, in light and darkness and defend those decisions.

This training will be conducted in Progressive Self Defense Systems’ Simunition Shoot House. The shoot house is 2200 sq ft and consists of hallways, living room, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen, laundry room and garage. The shoot house is also equipped with strobe lights, and a sound system.

Equipment Supplied:

-Simunition 9 mm Glock Handguns

-50 rounds of Simunition marking rounds (extra rounds sold per box)

-Protective Gear


Dress Code / Gear Needed:


-Long Sleeved Shirt,

-Long Pants

-Closed Toed Shoes