Private Training

Is Private Training right for you?

  • Any PSDS course can be taken as a private tutorial or done for a private group.
  • Special classes can also be tailored to fit individual or group needs.
  • Pricing is dependent upon number of people and level of training requested.
  • Contact John Riddle at 561-262-7840 or email at for details and pricing.

Everyone is busy, and the PSDS Class Schedule may not fit your personal schedule. Others may prefer a one-on-one, student-to-instructor ratio, or may seek to acquire skills not offered elsewhere in our curriculum. If this describes you, our private tutorials are the answer. Our staff will provide personalized attention to you or your group, and a dedicated portion of our facilities for your use. Extremely rewarding, these private classes help busy professionals acquire the skills they require, in a format tailored specifically for them. All tutorial classes are with prior appointments only.