Combat Fitness

Cost: $100 per month (Combat Fitness only – Unlimited Monthly Training)

Krav Maga students additional $25 to monthly fee

Training Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

  • 7:00 AM; 8:15 AM; 5:30 PM

Saturday & Sunday

  • 8:15 AM


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Why Choose Progressive Self Defense Systems’ Combat Fitness?

  • Defending yourself is magnified or diminished by your personal fitness.
  • Fighting is a physical endeavor –By having a baseline of decent physical conditioning will help you get more out of your training by creating cleaner repetitions and the ability to retain more information because you aren’t gasping for your breath.
  • Predators prey on the ones that they can take without sustaining injury. Physical attributes display a person’s ease of motion, confidence in posture and attitude. Predators are always doing their visual interview of their prey…. looking for an easy “soft” target.
  • Exercising creates a physical stress that will benefit your ability to function well in your personal defense. Heart-rate pounding… deprivation of motor skills – these things happen under sudden stress. Each student of our PSDS Kombat Krav Maga training is put through a pressure test… this type of training includes strenuous exercises immediately before being attacked by multiple attackers for a period of time. This type of training increases our students’ ability to survive an encounter by providing a degree of stress inoculation.

Many regard their personal safety as their main importance… but may neglect the importance of their physical fitness due to an over-dependence on gear (i.e.: I’ll just use my gun). People will spend money on gear but when it comes to their personal fitness many find numerous excuses…. Time, money, hesitance (I want to lose weight before I start training).

The true cost of getting and staying fit. . sweat, time and commitment.

If you want to have the best chance possible of prevailing in a violent encounter, you need to be physically fit.

PSDS fitness programs are designed to get you slim and strong!

Our body transforming formula of mixing multi-joint exercises that use heavy weights and are done as quickly as possible with little rest…. improve muscle tone, feel stronger and be able to do more exercises after just four to six weeks. Plus, slash fat!

Our program is designed to offer variety. In a single session you might run, climb, throw, and do power-lifts, body-weight moves, box, and martial arts drills. Every day is different so you get a huge range of workouts just by showing up!

This kind of programming in which you do different exercises at different intensities on different days ensures that you’ll load muscles at every angle, so you continually see results. Because the program is intense, your metabolic rate is going to stay elevated for a longer period of time than with most other types of exercise programs. This type of intensity program spikes your VO2 max and aerobic capacity, which will make you a better runner, racer…. No matter what level – every student experiences benefits regardless of initial level of aerobic fitness. Classes are kept small so all of your exercises are closely monitored.

Our progressive programming will help you conquer physical feats and mental milestones… always pushing you to the next level as you realize what you are capable of!