Handgun Skills: Intermediate Course

Cost: $150 per person

Students must be interviewed by PSDS staff prior to signing up for any firearms course(s) in order to meet eligibility requirements.
To find out more about this program, please call now and schedule an appointment (561) 262-7840.

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Course Description

Just received your Concealed Carry permit…. this class is your next step.

Being a responsible hand gun owner requires you to continue your training in order to become more confident in owning, carrying and handling a firearm. After completing this course you will be able to shoot on the move, which is very different from staying static in an indoor range setting. You will draw from your holster, another area you are unable to train at an indoor range. Most importantly, you will learn to shoot not only with your strong side but also with your support hand; which is vital if you are ever in a confrontation and your strong side is injured.

Class Summary

  • Overview of Firearm Safety
  • Warm-up Drills with Shooting 3 Magazines: singled – controlled pairs – double taps
  • Stoppage Drills
  • Reload Drills
  • Strong Side Single Hand Shooting
  • Getting off the “X” Dril

Class Requirements

  • Prior completion of PSDS Handgun Skills Introduction Course or hold a CCF License
  • Valid photo ID
  • Must be 21 years or older
  • Wear long pants with belt and closed toe shoes
  • Must register in advance
  • Complete eligibility interview by PSDS staff

Equipment Included: Protective Eye Wear / Targets / Ammunition / Simunition Firearm