Handgun Retention with Ground Defense

Saturday,  August 18, 2018

2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

$59 pp


Most handgun disarms or attempts happen when the person is taken by surprise from behind or the attack from the front is preceded by vicious strikes in order to take you off balance or to the ground and get a hand on your handgun.

Learn techniques regardless of gender, size and physical ability in a realistic training atmosphere with the understanding that no matter where you are there is always a handgun in play… and that handgun is yours!

Program Overview:

  • Holstered Handgun Retention Techniques
  • Handgun Out Retention Techniques
  • Ground Defense and Handgun Deployment
  • Long Gun Defense & Retention

Gear Required:

-Your Holster

-Your Handgun

-Long Pants

-Closed Toed Shoes