Handgun Fundamentals

This is a course for those new handgun owners who joust received their Concealed Firearms License and purchased a new handgun. This course will bring you to the next level of familiarization and proficiency with your new handgun.

Topics covered in this course include:

-firearm safety

-handgun nomenclature

-load / unloading the handgun



-draw from the holster

-presentation to target

-sight alignment

-sight picture

-trigger control and follow through

-failure to fire issues

After the course of fire is completed we will cover the disassembly, cleaning and assembly of the handgun.

Instructor: Sgt John Riddle (Retired) 

City of West Palm Beach Police Department (28+ years)

SWAT Team Leader / Sniper Team Leader

Former United States Air Force Combat Arms Training (CATM) Instructor

Course Location: Okeechobee Shooting Sport

Course Hours:      10 AM to 3 PM

Course Fee:          $169 per person (includes range fees / paper and steel targets)

Upon Sign-Up: Your payment is non-refundable. If you must cancel, you may apply the cost of the course to any other upcoming class within the calendar year.

There is a late cancel fee for this course of $50 per person (1 week or less prior to the course date).


**Required Gear

Handgun: Semi-Auto / Revolver

Ammunition for your Handgun (250 rounds)

Minimum of 3 Magazines for the Handgun (if semi-auto)

Magazine Pouches

Cleaning Kit for your Handgun

Outside the waistband Holster

Belt to properly fit and secure the Holster

Hearing Protection

Eye Protection


Rain Gear

Snacks / Lunch

Hydration Kit (bottled water / gatorade)

**Students must wear: Long Pants / Closed Toed Shoes / Hat / Long Sleeved Crew Neck Shirt

Course Location

Okeechobee Shooting Sport

7055 48th Street NE

Okeechobee, FL 34972