…. training for the beginner to the experienced gun owner. 

In-Home Self Defense Tactical Training Center – Simunition Range Program

Get real by training real…. training as you would fight for your life and the lives of those you love!

Our tactical training center is a 2,000 square ft tactical house: Two bedroom, one bath, kitchen, laundry room, living room, closest, offset hallways, garage  and fully furnished with all the comforts of your home; office; dorm room.

This is not a GAME!

FX Marking Cartridges and Paint Ball both leave colored marks upon impact. But, the FX Marking Cartridge that is used in all of our firearm training courses are fired from a converted duty weapon using an operational magazine. Projectile is small and has a ballistic stability – traveling at a speed of 350 ft per second. Firearms used in all of our programs is a Glock 9mm pistol with a Simunition converted slide and barrel; which is used by military and law enforcement for realistic training.

Features and Benefits of FX Marking Cartridge

  • Provides students with critical skills that are needed in a potential life threatening situation(s) encountered.
  • Non-lethal, allowing force on force training
  • Bright color identifies hit
  • Multiple colors allows for accountability
  • No hearing protection required
  • Sufficient recoil provides realism; yet reduced to allow concentration on tactical skills
  • Functions or mal-functions like duty ammo
  • Reliable functioning of weapons
  • Design permits safe firing against live targets as well as inanimate objects.
  • Functions and loads just like regular duty ammunition. There are no artificialities like paint ball, etc.
  • Ammunition malfunctions can be created to enhance training capabilities
  • Pain penalty for tactical errors reinforces teaching points faster than any other learning methods (through emotional impact) to increase training effectiveness. More often than not, pain is a good tool with the most important factor of student safety.

Train how you want to fight when you want to win.

Wearing protective gear is mandatory and provided by Progressive Self Defense Systems.
– Full Face Protection
– Throat Protection
– Groin Protection
– Shoulder & Chest Protection
– Optional: gloves used for shooting
Students must wear long pants, long sleeved shirt, closed toed shoes and a belt. Holster provided by PSDS.
Each level of training provides a unique realism for training. Engaging the student in low stress and high stress reality based training utilizing firearm  magazines and other associated equipment. Through this blend of knowledge based training all types of shooters from the beginner to the more experienced are instructed based on competency… “As you succeed, the degree of difficulty of the training increases.”

Simunition Ammunition

FX Marking Cartridges and Paint Ball both leave colored marks upon impact. But, the FX Marking Cartridge that we use is fired from a converted duty weapon using an operational magazine. Projectile is small and has a ballistic stability – traveling at a speed of 350 ft per second.

FX marking cartridge can be utilized for:

  • Firearm Familiarization
  • Malfunctions / Transition Drills
  • Magazine Changes
  • Instinctive Fire
  • Utilization of Cover
  • Off-Hand Shooting

Program Overview:

  • Inside and outside safety tips for your home and/or office
  • Hands-on-learning of how to clear a room and move through the 2000 sq foot fully decorated shoot house safely
  • Simulation based scenarios for real life encounters with “bad guys”
  • Shoot / don’t shoot scenarios: home / work / dorm room / public arena such as parking lots)
  • Debrief review after all scenarios
  • Small group setting
  • Ammunition / simunition firearm / protective gear included

Simunition: Scenario / Reality Based Training

siminutionThis FX® Training System, as it has for law enforcement and military agencies around the world for 18 years will provide YOU with a training tool to survive a deadly encounter and to conduct training under stress, which will preserve your life, quality of life, and also protect the lives of innocent bystanders and your loved ones.

It is a must have for people who strive for realistic training!

What is Scenario / Reality Based Training?Scenario based training affords students to apply tactics and techniques to critical problems in real time and under realistic conditions. Repeated exposure to realistic training conditions students to perform more efficiently under critical stress.


This course provides students with with fundamentals of personal protection tactics and techniques while incorporating the Simunition product for the most realistic training experience. This course will include personal protection scenarios that the participant will be immersed in effective decision making to effectively defend themselves and their families from a criminal threat.

Program is customized to fit your lifestyle which may include:
– Car
– Work
– Home

What will you learn:

  • Training practices currently being conducted by Law Enforcement and Military.
  • Education about the effects of survival stress on your performance during a life or death encounter.
  • Learn why traditional firearms training fails us when we most need it.
  • How you can condition yourself to improve critical skills and decision making ability under stressful conditions.
  • How to get as close to reality without risking safety.

To find out more about this program, please call now and schedule an appointment (561) 262-7840.

Students must be interviewed by PSDS staff prior to signing up for any firearms course(s) in order to meet eligibility requirements.